4 best aftermarket fuel injectors for your car (brand reviews)

With so many aftermarket fuel injectors to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best. However, depending on your goal, the brand you should buy from is essential and might vary greatly.

In this article, we go over 4 different brands to help you narrow down the right one for you and your car.

Best Overall Injectors

Bosch best overall Injectors

Bosch Injectors

Best Performance

FIC Performance Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injector Clinic

Best Price For Value

Holley Budget Injectors

Holley Injectors

Best OE Replacement

Delphi replacement Fuel Injectors

Delphi Injectors

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How to shop for aftermarket fuel injectors

Buying aftermarket fuel injectors can be confusing if you have never done it before. Furthermore, buying the wrong injector set can be very annoying and frustrating.

There are 6 main key points you should consider when buying aftermarket fuel injectors to make sure you get the right one for your project car.

  • 1. Impedance
  • 2. Flow Rating
  • 3. Connector Style
  • 4. Port Size
  • 5. Height
  • 6. Alternative Fuel

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1. bosch injectors – Best overall

Bosch Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
Price For Value

The best aftermarket fuel injector brand overall

Because of its outstanding quality, consistent reliability, and extensive expertise, Bosch is the best overall aftermarket fuel injector brand. With a century of experience, Bosch has continuously displayed unmatched innovation and engineering abilities.

Many Bosch parts are Original Equipment (OE), which guarantees the greatest quality, performance, and durability. Their fuel injectors provide fuel precisely and efficiently, resulting in higher engine performance, increased fuel efficiency, and lower emissions.

Making some of their aftermarket fuel injectors suitable not only for those seeking greater horsepower, but also for those seeking high-quality replacement injectors.

Aftermarket fuel injectors Performance

  • Overall Performance: Bosch is very well known to be one of, if not the best aftermarket fuel injector brand on the market. Whether you are looking to make high amounts of power or just need a set of good-performing fuel injectors this brand can provide it.
  • Tuning Performance: Bosch fuel injectors are easily tuned due to their excellent quality and precision. Making a fantastic aftermarket fuel injector for precise performance objectives.
  • Racing Performance: As previously stated, Bosch injectors are excellent in terms of performance, durability, and precision, making them more than an excellent choice for racing. However, Bosch is not a racing-specific brand. Therefore, though Bosch injectors should definitely be considered an option you should also make room on your list of choices for other (perhaps race and high-performance specific) brands.
  • Alternative Fuel: Bosch fuel injectors are compatible with a wide range of fuel types, including gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels like ethanol.

Quality and durability

  • Expertise and Experience: For many years, Bosch has been an important worldwide supplier of automotive parts, including fuel injectors. They have many decades of experience in fuel injection technology and are constantly refining their products.
  • Precision Engineering: Bosch fuel injectors are precision-engineered using advanced engineering procedures.
  • Durability and Reliability: Bosch fuel injectors are designed to resist the harsh engine conditions. They are constructed of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear, corrosion, and clogging.
  • OEM supplier: Bosch is a well-known original equipment manufacturer (OEM) provider to many automakers across the world. This implies that many automobiles come standard with Bosch fuel injectors.
  • Extensive Testing: Bosch performs rigorous testing on their fuel injectors to ensure their performance, quality, and reliability. They use advanced testing equipment to simulate real-world conditions and verify the injectors’ functionality and durability.

Bosch Claims and facts

  • Bosch is one of the leading and most trusted brands in the automotive industry, known for its top-quality fuel injectors.
  • Bosch fuel injectors are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, covering various makes and models.
  • They offer excellent fuel efficiency, helping to maximize mileage and reduce fuel consumption.
  • These fuel injectors are designed to minimize emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Bosch injectors are equipped with advanced technology to prevent clogging and ensure consistent fuel flow.
  • Bosch injectors are engineered to withstand extreme operating conditions, including high temperatures and pressures.
  • They are compatible with a wide range of fuel types, including gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuels like ethanol.
  • They come with comprehensive warranties, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners.


  • Reliability
  • Precision
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Optimal Fuel Atomization
  • OE Manufacturer
  • Fuel Compatibility
  • Precise fuel Control and tuning
  • Consistent Performance
  • Wide Range of Flow Rates


  • Cost
  • A lot of Counterfeit Products
  • Availability
  • Limited injector Customization Options

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2. Fuel injector clinic – Best For performance and racing

FIC Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
Price For Value

The best aftermarket fuel injector brand for performance and racing

Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) is a brand that specializes in high-performance aftermarket fuel injectors mainly. If you are looking to achieve high power goals and to reduce your lap time on the track this race-specific brand is the way to go.

FIC offers a wide range of adaptable and highly tunable fuel injectors in a variety of flow rates to ensure you get the precise injector set for the performance you want.

Many professional racers use their aftermarket fuel injectors, such as Mark Jager, Time attack champion with an STI, as shown on FIC’s website.

Aftermarket fuel injectors Performance

  • Overall Performance: FIC is a very well-known brand for its racing performance injectors. They are amazing aftermarket fuel injectors if you are looking to compete and race or just create a high-horsepower project car.
  •  Tuning Performance: FIC injectors are obviously great for tuning. These injectors are made to help you obtain the most power out of your engine.
  •  Racing Performance: Many high level racers utilize these FIC injectors for their racecars. After all this brand is all about racing and performance. Therefore if you are looking to start racing FIC is a great option.

Quality and Durability

Fuel injector clinic states that all of their high impedance injector sets are made with the most recent generation of Bosch-based injectors. They do this to start from the best injector base possible and optimize it for all performance applications, resulting in high reliability and performance in all of their products.

Furthermore, they are so confident in the quality of their high-performance fuel injectors that they provide a lifetime limited warranty on them all.

Aftermarket fuel injectors versatility

  •  Alternative Fuels: All of the injectors they offer are designed for use with both gasoline and E85 applications.
  •  Flow Rate Range: They offer injector sizes ranging from 365cc to 2150CC.
  •  Injector Versatility: They sell aftermarket fuel injectors for over a dozen of different car brands. Additionally, they sell custom-made injectors that aren’t related to any specific car brand. They have injectors of many different heights and styles so you can be sure to find what you need.
  •  Other Performance Parts: When it comes to other performance parts FIC does not have much except for a few fuel rail and fuel system.
  • Fuel Injector Adapters: FIC do have what they call PLUG & PLAY / PIGTAILS which are electric connector-style adapters. Therefore you can buy a set of them if the injector you want does not have a compatible connector with your car.

FIC Claims and facts

  • FIC offers amazing racing performance and precision injectors.
  • FIC claim using Bosch injectors as a base for their performance injectors.
  • They offer a great lifetime warranty
  • Fuel Injector Clinic offer a countless amount of different aftermarket fuel injectors.
  • They offer injector for many different brands such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Mitsubishi, Honda, Ford, Dodge, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Porsche, Volkswagen, Scion, BMW, Mazda, Hyundai, Can-Am and custom build injectors for your project car.
  • They claim to have an amazing Data Match technology used by two NASCAR teams.
  • This brand offers a very wide range of flow rates. From 365cc to 2150CC.
  • All their high-performance injectors are gasoline and E85 compatible.
  • Many different racers utilize FIC injectors


  • Amazing for racing
  • Great price for performance value
  • Great for tuning
  • High versatility
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May be a little pricey if not looking for high performance specific
  • Not suited for people who do not look for performance

3. holley injectors – best price for value (great Quality & Versatility)

Holley Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
Price For Value

The best aftermarket fuel injector brand for value

Holley is another great overall aftermarket fuel injector brand. However, compared to Bosch they are much more focused on developing high-performance injectors.

They offer an amazing amount of different fuel injectors with great performance and durability at a very low asking price. Making their injectors an ideal choice for performance seekers.

Additionally, for those looking to make more power, Holley offers an uncountable amount of different performance parts to complement your new aftermarket fuel injectors.

Aftermarket fuel injectors Performance

  • Overall Performance: Holley is a brand mainly focused on providing performance for your car. The key advantage of Holley is that, in addition to performance fuel injectors, they offer a wide range of performance parts and accessories. This ensures parts compatibility, ease of installation, and increased horsepower.
  • Tuning Performance: Holley provides many types of ECUs as well as the hardware required to work with their fuel injectors. Dominator EFI or HP EFI, for example. All of this enables great tuning compatibility.
  • Racing Performance: Holley is an amazing brand to consider if you want to get into racing. They provide an excellent balance of great performance and durability, making them ideal for racing.

Quality and Durability

Holley products have a well-deserved reputation for great quality and durability, making them a popular choice among both automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

Several important factors contribute to their excellent success.

  • Experience: Holley has been a pioneer in the automotive business for more than a century, and their vast knowledge translates into precise quality.
  • Manufacturing Technics: Holley makes use of advanced materials and innovative manufacturing processes. This enables them to design components that are not only long-lasting but also durable to the extreme conditions found in performance applications.
  • Innovation: Holley has established itself as an innovator leader. Their ongoing research and development efforts result in products that include the most recent technical advances.

Finally, Holley’s dedication to excellence, along with their experience, premium materials, and relentless pursuit of innovation, defines their products as an example for quality and longevity in the automobile industry.

Aftermarket fuel injectors versatility

  • Injector Versatility: Holley offers an amazing amount of different aftermarket fuel injectors. They have many different body and connector styles.
  • Flow Rate: They offer injector sizes ranging from 155cc to 2300CC.
  • Alternative Fuel: Holley offers fuel injectors compatible with gasoline, E85, and Methanol.
  • Other performance Parts: Holley as many different performance parts to improve your car performance such as:
    • Performance ECU
    • Performance Carburetors
    • Various Wiring Harnesses
    • Fuel Rails
    • Intake manifolds
    • And More…

Holley Claims and facts

  • Holley offers a countless amount of different aftermarket fuel injectors and performance parts.
  • This brand offers a very wide range of flow rates. From 155cc to 2300cc.
  • All their high-performance injectors are gasoline, E85 and methanol compatible.
  • Over a century of experience.


  • Great Prices
  • High Performance
  • High Quality
  • High Versatility
  • Over a Century of Experience


  • Not the best suit for non performance seekers

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4. Delphi injectors – Best replacement injectors

Delphi Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
Price For Value

The best aftermarket fuel injector for stock Replacement

Since the beginning of this article, the Injector brands have been mostly performance focused.

However, if you are simply looking to replace your stock fuel injectors without necessarily making any difference to the specifications of your fuel injector because they are too old for example the following brand is for you.

Delphi a BorgWarner brand has the best aftermarket fuel injectors for stock replacement. They produce very high-quality OE fuel injectors for a wide range of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Delphi has more than 100 years of OE history and is also a major OE manufacturer in fuel technology. Their OE technology not only provides quality but also lowers emissions and enhances fuel efficiency.

Making this brand once again an excellent choice for someone who simply wants to replace a bad fuel injector.

Aftermarket fuel injectors Performance

  • Overall Performance: Although Delphi is not a racing and high-performance brand when it comes to it it can still deliver. Delphi manufactures high-quality, precision injectors to provide long-term durability and overall drivability.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The precision of their aftermarket fuel injectors allows for better fuel delivery resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  • Emissions: Delphi’s newest technology Multec® 14 or M14 consists of increasing fuel pressure from 200 to 300 bar. This innovative method reduces emissions by around 70% while also increasing fuel efficiency.

Quality and Durability

Delphi has over a century of OE manufacturing experience to back up their product quality. They manufacture OE and aftermarket fuel injectors for a wide range of vehicles.

As a result, their injectors must be engineered with excellent durability and precision for every kind of conditions.

Delphi injectors are not only extremely durable, but their precision also enables exceptional fuel economy and emission management. Overall, Delphi is a top brand in terms of durability, precision and longevity.

Claims and facts about Delphi

  • 100 years of OE experience, supplier to the world’s top automakers
  • OE heritage and knowledge built into every aftermarket part
  • Comprehensive portfolio for a wide range of vehicles and model years
  • Multec® 14 (M14) technology reduces emission by 70%


  • Great durability
  • Great precision
  • Fuel efficient
  • Emission friendly


  • No custom injectors

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In conclusion, when looking for aftermarket fuel injectors, some top brands stand out for their quality, performance, durability, and versatility.

With a century of experience and a reputation as an OEM supplier, Bosch provides gasoline injectors noted for their precision, reliability, and compatibility with diverse fuel types.

Fuel Injector Clinic is a high-performance injector company that appeals to racers and people looking for maximum power.

Holley offers a large choice of fuel injectors and performance parts at a reasonable price.

Delphi’s OE legacy shines through in stock replacement injectors, producing high-quality, long-lasting injectors.

Overall, these brands provide solutions to fulfill a variety of different needs while also improving the performance of your car.