5 Best Performance Intake Manifold On The Market 2023

If you’ve ever felt that rush of excitement when you step on the gas pedal and hear that engine roar, then you know that squeezing out every bit of performance from your ride is a quest worth pursuing. And guess what? Having the best performance intake manifold is the secret weapon in this pursuit.

In the automotive world, a few brands have become synonymous with top-notch performance upgrades, and we’re here to dive into the best. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the crème de la crème of performance intake manifolds available in 2023.

These manifolds don’t just help your engine breathe better; they transform your ride into a performance powerhouse.

Our best performance intake manifold top picks

Best Intake Manifold

best performance intake manifold

Brand History: Edelbrock

Best Intake Manifold

best performance intake manifold

Best Performance: AFR

Best Intake Manifold

best performance intake manifold

Best For Racing: Weiand

what is a performance intake manifold

A performance intake manifold is a specialized component designed to optimize the performance of an internal combustion engine. It achieves this by enhancing the flow of air and fuel into the engine’s cylinders.

The runners, which are pathways that guide the air-fuel mixture, are carefully designed to be larger and smoother, allowing for increased airflow. Additionally, the plenum, a central chamber, ensures that the mixture is evenly distributed to each cylinder.

This meticulous design leads to improved horsepower and torque, especially in situations where higher engine performance is desired, such as in racing or high-performance vehicles.

If you are interested in knowing more about performance intake manifold you can check this guide right HERE that covers it all.

Best performance intake manifold benefits

  • Increased Horsepower and Torque: The optimized design of a performance intake manifold allows for better airflow and fuel distribution, resulting in improved engine power and torque output.
  • Enhanced Throttle Response: The improved air and fuel flow from a performance manifold can lead to quicker throttle response, providing a more immediate and energetic acceleration.
  • Higher RPM Potential: Performance intake manifolds can help engines reach higher RPMs more easily, allowing for more aggressive driving or better performance on the racetrack.
  • Improved Engine Efficiency: By optimizing airflow and fuel distribution, a performance manifold can lead to better combustion efficiency, potentially improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.
  • Better Low-End Torque: Some designs of performance manifolds, with shorter runners and increased air velocity, can boost low-end torque, providing more power at lower RPMs.
  • Customization and Tuning: Performance intake manifolds are often designed for specific engines and applications, making it possible to choose a manifold that aligns with your performance goals and vehicle setup. They can also be tuned for specific engine configurations.
  • Cooler Air Intake: Performance manifolds often come with features like heat shields or improved insulation, which can help reduce the temperature of the air entering the engine, potentially leading to improved power output.
  • Complements Other Upgrades: Performance intake manifolds work well in conjunction with other performance upgrades such as exhaust systems, camshafts, and engine tuning, resulting in a comprehensive boost in overall engine performance.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: Some performance intake manifolds have eye-catching designs and finishes, which can enhance the visual appeal of the engine bay.

Best performance intake manifold summary

Best for Budget: JEGS Performance intake manifold

best performance intake manifold

Alright, folks, let’s kick things off with a brand that knows how to deliver performance without breaking the bank: JEGS. These guys have carved out a reputation for being the go-to choice for enthusiasts who want more power without emptying their wallets.

Affordability and Performance

Now, we all want a boost in power, but let’s face it, not everyone can drop a small fortune on high-end upgrades. That’s where JEGS comes in. They’ve mastered the art of providing affordable options that still pack a punch. You get the best of both worlds: noticeable performance gains without taking a huge hit to your bank account.

Notable Models

They’ve got an array of intake manifold models that are catching the eyes of performance junkies. From street prowlers to weekend racers, JEGS has something for everyone. These manifolds are designed to ramp up your engine’s airflow and crank up the power a notch or two.

Enthusiast Appeal

One of the coolest things about JEGS is their wide appeal. Whether you’re a newbie looking to dip your toes into the world of performance upgrades or a seasoned gearhead chasing every last horsepower, JEGS has a performance intake manifold that’ll offer more smiles per gallon. They’re all about making that power boost accessible to everyone who’s passionate about their ride.

So, if you’re nodding along because you’re all about getting more bang for your buck, JEGS is a name you’ll want to remember. They’re giving you the chance to step up your performance game without breaking the bank. How cool is that?

Best for Performance: AFR Performance intake manifold

AFR Brand

Alright, gearheads, let’s talk about a brand that takes the term “performance” very seriously: AFR, aka Air Flow Research. These folks aren’t just about slapping on some parts; they’re all about fine-tuning every detail to squeeze out every ounce of power.

Seamless Integration with Cylinder Heads

Now, if you’re all about that perfect combo – like peanut butter and jelly – then AFR’s intake manifolds are right up your alley. These guys are like the maestros of matching their manifolds with their own cylinder heads. It’s like they’re orchestrating a symphony of airflow to make your engine sing.

Power for Racing

Let’s cut to the chase: AFR doesn’t mess around when it comes to racing. They’re the ones you turn to when you’re craving that extra horsepower to dominate the track. These performance intake manifolds aren’t just about making your engine go vroom; they’re about making it roar like a beast.

Precision Engineering

But wait, there’s more. AFR doesn’t just throw things together and hope for the best. No, sir. They’re all about precision engineering. Each curve, each bend – it’s all calculated to make your engine perform at its peak. It’s like they’re artists, crafting manifolds that are more than just metal and bolts.

So, if you’re looking for that next-level performance, AFR is a brand that means business. They’re the wizards behind the scenes, making sure your engine not only breathes better but also roars with power. It’s like they’ve got a secret recipe for horsepower, and they’re not afraid to use it.

Best brand history: edelbrock Performance intake manifold

Edelbrock brand

Next up on our list, we’re diving into the world of Edelbrock. A name that’s been making engines purr with joy for decades. These guys aren’t just building parts; they’re crafting performance experiences.

Legacy of Excellence

If there’s a hall of fame for performance upgrades, you can bet Edelbrock’s name is right up there. This brand has been in the game for ages, and has earned it’s stripes as a trusted name in the automotive aftermarket. When you’re talking Edelbrock, you’re talking about a legacy of excellence.

Balancing Performance and Efficiency

You know how some upgrades are all about power but forget about everyday drivability? Well, that’s not the Edelbrock way. These wizards understand that you want both power and efficiency. Their intake manifolds are like the golden mean – they’re designed to deliver that punch when you need it while keeping your engine efficient during those daily commutes.

Dependable Performance

But it’s not just about putting your foot down and feeling the rush. Edelbrock’s manifolds are about long-lasting performance. When you bolt on one of these bad boys, you’re not just getting a temporary thrill. You’re getting a dependable partner that’s going to keep your engine revving for miles and miles.

So, if you’re all about that blend of power, efficiency, and reliability, Edelbrock is a name you should have on speed dial. These guys have mastered the art of crafting manifolds that not only make your engine roar but keep it roaring forever.

Best for Track racing: Weiand Performance intake manifold

Weiand Brand

Alright, let’s shift gears and dive into a brand that’s been putting the “super” in supercharger: Weiand. These guys have a knack for turning your ride into a performance powerhouse that’s ready to conquer the asphalt.

Racing Heritage and Supercharger Expertise

If there’s a brand that knows its way around superchargers and the thrill of the track, it’s Weiand. These folks have a history steeped in racing, and they’ve taken that knowledge to craft performance intake manifolds that are practically engineered for speed demons.

Style Variety for Performance

Weiand got a whole arsenal of intake manifold styles, from single-plane to dual-plane designs. Each style brings its own unique flavor of performance, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your engine’s personality best.

Elevated Performance

But wait, there’s more. Weiand’s manifolds aren’t just about looks; they’re about elevating your engine’s performance to new heights. Whether you’re tearing up the track or just giving that stoplight racer a run for their money, Weiand’s manifolds are like a shot of adrenaline for your engine.

So, if you’re all about racing heritage, and making your engine feel like it’s on a nitrous boost all the time, Weiand is the brand to watch. These guys are taking your engine’s potential and cranking it up to 11.

Best for Versatility: summit racing Performance intake manifold

best performance intake manifold

The next brand is like a treasure trove of performance possibilities: Summit Racing. These folks have mastered the art of putting the power back in your hands and giving you a buffet of options to satiate your need for speed.

Enthusiast-Centric Variety

Imagine a world where you’re not confined to a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s the world Summit Racing brings to the table. These guys get it – every engine is unique, every dream of performance is different. And they’ve answered the call by offering an awe-inspiring variety of intake manifolds that cater to all kinds of enthusiasts.

Quality and Performance Unleashed

Now, don’t think for a second that this variety comes at the cost of quality. Summit Racing has this knack for blending top-tier performance with unwavering quality. Their manifolds aren’t just parts; they’re handpicked tools that promise to enhance your engine’s power and longevity.

Enabling Enthusiast Dreams

But here’s where the magic truly happens. Summit Racing’s vast selection of intake manifolds isn’t just about overwhelming you with choices. It’s about empowering you to choose exactly what your engine needs to hit its performance peak. Whether you’re chasing after street-smart power or track-dominating performance, Summit Racing’s manifold selection is like your personalized roadmap to achieving your performance dreams.

So, if you’re ready to break free from the constraints of limited options and revel in the joy of choosing best performance intake manifold for your engine, Summit Racing is your guiding light. These guys aren’t just offering intake manifolds; they’re offering you the freedom to craft a performance masterpiece that’s as unique as you are.


And there you have it, folks – a whirlwind tour through the realm of performance intake manifolds, where power dreams become reality. From Jegs’ budget-friendly brawn to AFR’s precision-engineered finesse, Edelbrock’s balanced brilliance, Weiand’s racing expertise, and Summit Racing’s manifold variety – these brands have shown us the art of squeezing out every last drop of power.

So, whether you’re chasing lap times, revving for the thrill, or just adding a little extra oomph to your daily drive, these brands are the architects of your engine’s potential. It’s not just about parts; it’s about sculpting your ride’s character.

So, as you ponder your next performance move, remember these names. They’re not just labels; they’re the fuel to your speed-hungry soul. So, get ready to unleash that inner power, hit the gas, and let the road become your canvas of horsepower.