7 Best Sway Bar Brands On The Market In 2023

Welcome to the world of sway bars, where enhanced vehicle performance and better handling await. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential aspects of sway bars, highlight some of the best sway bar brands in the market, and provide valuable insights to help you make the right choice for your driving needs.

Whether you’re a speed enthusiast, a daily commuter, or somewhere in between, understanding the sway bar’s role and selecting the perfect one can elevate your driving experience to a whole new level.

what is a sway bar?

A performance sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar or stabilizer bar, is a torsion-resistant bar in your car’s suspension designed to reduce body roll during cornering. It connects the left and right sides of a vehicle’s suspension to minimize the transfer of weight from one side to the other, improving stability and handling when driving at higher speeds or through curves.

how does a sway bar work?

A performance sway bar works by connecting the left and right sides of a vehicle’s suspension. During cornering, when one side of the vehicle experiences upward force due to body roll, the sway bar “twists” and acts as a spring to transfer some of this force to the other side, reducing the amount of roll and improving the vehicle’s stability and handling. This results in better traction and control during turns, especially in high-performance or sporty driving situations.

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Best sway bar brand #1: H&R Springs

best sway bar H&R

H&R Springs’ sway bars are crafted with high-strength special spring steel, featuring precision-forged ends and corrosion-resistant powder coating. Notable innovations include multi-hole adjustments for personalized self-steering behavior and compatibility with various suspension systems, reflecting their commitment to quality and performance.

H&R Springs’ sway bars noticeably enhance a vehicle’s performance and handling, reducing body roll along the longitudinal axis and improving agility in corners. Drivers can expect improved cornering, stability, and control, making their vehicles more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

Sway bar pros

  • Enhanced cornering and stability.
  • Personalized self-steering behavior.
  • Compatibility with various suspension systems.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship.

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

H&R Springs has solidified its position as a top player in the sway bar market, offering exceptional performance and quality. For those seeking improved handling and control, H&R Springs’ sway bars are a worthwhile investment, suitable for a wide range of vehicle types.

Best sway bar brand #2: WhiteLine

best sway bar Whiteline

With a global reputation, WhiteLine is a leading manufacturer of suspension components that elevate vehicle balance, steering precision, and grip. Their portfolio includes adjustable sway bars, lowering springs, and more, catering to diverse vehicle platforms.

WhiteLine’s sway bars feature cutting-edge engineering, with an emphasis on activating grip and improving handling. They offer a complete system, not just components, ensuring optimal compatibility. Advanced designs and materials minimize ride quality impact while enhancing handling precision.

WhiteLine’s sway bars excel at elevating vehicle performance. They deliver improved cornering, stability, and control. Rigorous track testing ensures unrivaled street performance, making them a valuable addition to any vehicle seeking enhanced handling capabilities.

Sway bar pros

  • Exceptional grip activation
  • Comprehensive suspension solutions
  • Track-proven performance
  • Minimal impact on ride quality

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

WhiteLine’s sway bars are a benchmark in the industry, offering remarkable grip activation and handling improvements. Ideal for enthusiasts and racers, they enhance vehicle performance significantly.

Best sway bar brand #3: Hellwig

best sway bar Hellwig

Hellwig, a family-owned brand since its 1946 inception, holds a significant presence in the sway bar market. As a founding member of SEMA, their reputation in the automotive industry is marked by quality and innovation.

Hellwig’s sway bars reflect their dedication to handling and control. These sway bars incorporate innovative designs and materials to effectively reduce sway and enhance stability.

Their sway bars are known for improving cornering performance and maintaining safe vehicle handling under heavy loads. Whether for daily driving or heavy hauling, Hellwig sway bars excel in optimizing vehicle dynamics.

sway bar pros

  • Exceptional sway control
  • Innovative designs and materials
  • Improved cornering and stability
  • Suitable for heavy hauling

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

Hellwig’s sway bars, deeply rooted in American manufacturing and innovation, provide exceptional sway control and handling improvements. Ideal for various applications, they enhance vehicle performance and safety significantly.

Best sway bar brand #4: Eibach

best sway bar eibach

With a rich history dating back over seven decades, Eibach is known for designing and producing top-notch suspension systems and components for a wide range of vehicles. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a global reputation.

Eibach’s sway bars, part of their comprehensive suspension solutions, offer exceptional performance and value. Constructed from high-strength steel, these sway bars are designed to reduce body roll during cornering, providing improved stability and handling.

They are very well known for their adjustability, allowing drivers to fine-tune their vehicle’s handling characteristics. Eibach’s commitment to precision and innovation ensures that their sway bars consistently deliver superior results.


  • Enhanced handling and stability
  • Adjustable sway bars for fine-tuning
  • Proven performance and quality
  • Suitable for various driving situations

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

Eibach’s sway bars, backed by a rich history of performance excellence, are a reliable choice for those seeking improved handling and stability. Ideal for enthusiasts and racers alike.

Best sway bar brand #5: Hotchkis (Best Track/daily driver)


Hotchkis Sport Suspension is a brand synonymous with high-performance sway bars. With over three decades of racing experience, Hotchkis Sport Suspension is a trusted name in the automotive industry.

Known for delivering bolt-on suspension systems, their products combine race-winning performance with street comfort, making them a top choice for daily and track drivers.

Hotchkis Sport Suspension’s sway bars, constructed from lightweight hollow tubing, are designed to reduce body roll significantly. They offer multiple adjustment holes and come with greaseable polyurethane bushings, fabricated brackets, and adjustable end links for precise fitment. Hotchkis Sport Suspension’s sway bars are a key component of an exceptional street or track driving experience.

These lightweight hollow sway bars enhance cornering and straight-line stability by minimizing body roll, resulting in improved handling and ride comfort. Extensive testing on the street and track ensures excellent handling improvement without sacrificing comfort.


  • Lightweight hollow sway bars
  • Precise fitment with multiple adjustment options
  • Greaseable polyurethane bushings for durability
  • Extensive testing for improved handling

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

Hotchkis Sport Suspension sway bars, backed by decades of racing experience, are a top choice for those seeking improved handling and stability. Ideal for both street and track enthusiasts.

Best sway bar brand #6: ST Suspensions

St suspension parts

ST Suspensions, formerly known as Suspension Techniques, is a significant player in the sway bar market. Founded in the early 80s in Southern California, Suspension Techniques developed a strong presence in the Sport Compact suspension tuning industry.

ST Anti-sway Bars are designed to enhance your vehicle’s handling dynamics and complete your suspension upgrade. They are constructed from cold-formed heavy-duty aircraft steel, which significantly reduces body roll and improves lateral control.

Upgrading to ST Anti-sway Bars translates to reduced body roll, enhanced handling, and improved grip without compromising ride comfort. These bars provide multiple adjustments, ensuring a precise fit for various vehicles. The high-quality bushings and hardware, coupled with the improved lateral control, result in confident road holding.


  • Reduction in body roll
  • Improved handling without sacrificing comfort
  • Multiple adjustments for a precise fit
  • High-quality materials for durability

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

ST Suspensions, with its strong background in suspension tuning, offers Anti-sway Bars that significantly enhance handling and reduce body roll. Ideal for those seeking improved road holding and confident cornering.

Best sway bar brand #7: Megan Racing (best on a Budget)

Megan racing bar

Megan Racing holds a significant position in the sway bar market. Megan Racing was founded with a passion for motorsports and the belief that automotive enthusiasts should have access to high-quality performance parts. The brand’s journey began with sourcing and reselling parts, leading to its R&D factory in California and a commitment to community involvement.

Megan Racing sway bars are engineered with a focus on performance and affordability. While specific innovations and materials may vary, these sway bars are designed to reduce body roll, improve cornering stability, and enhance control during spirited driving. They cater to a wide range of vehicle applications, both domestic and imported.

Megan Racing sway bars aim to elevate a vehicle’s performance and handling characteristics. They are ideal for enthusiasts seeking better on-road dynamics and a more engaging driving experience.


  • Affordable performance upgrade
  • Wide range of applications
  • Focus on community involvement and feedback
  • Commitment to quality and transparency

best Sway bar brand Final thoughts

Megan Racing’s sway bars strike a balance between performance and affordability. They have earned a reputation for catering to a diverse range of vehicle models, offering enthusiasts an accessible upgrade for improved handling.

considerations to buying the best sway bar for you?


Compatibility is a crucial consideration when buying any car part because it ensures that the will fit and work seamlessly with your car. Choosing a compatible sway bar reduces the risk of installation complications and ensures optimal performance, making it an important factor to consider when making your selection.


The inclusion of adjustment options in a sway bar can be well worth considering, even if they come with a slightly higher price tag. Adjustable sway bars provide the advantage of fine-tuning your car’s handling characteristics to match your driving preferences. This flexibility can improve your driving experience and overall control, making it a valuable investment if it fits within your budget.

Driving style

Your choice of sway bar is significantly influenced by the type of driving you intend to do with your project car. For example, if you have a combination of off-roading and street driving in mind, a modular sway bar which is a sway bar that can be easily removed or installed is an ideal choice. This adaptability allows you to switch between setups, ensuring your car is optimized for different driving styles.


The stiffness of a sway bar is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the best sway bar for you. This characteristic directly impacts handling and responsiveness. Whether you primarily engage in track racing or use your vehicle as a daily driver will determine your preference for sway bar stiffness. Stiffer sway bars enhance cornering performance but can lead to a harsher ride during daily driving. Therefore, understanding your driving needs and comfort preferences is key to buying the best sway bar.

Solid or Hollow sway bar?

It’s advisable to avoid choosing a hollow sway bar for daily driving, particularly if you live in pothole city. Although hollow sway bars are lighter and also very strong, they might be more vulnerable to damage from road bumps and holes. Therefore, solid sway bars would be a better choice for daily street driving, as they can be more durable to constant abuse bad roads can give them. 


Should you add a rear sway bar?

Installing a rear sway bar can lead to better ride comfort and a more balanced handling performance. This is achieved by minimizing rear body roll, which enables the use of softer rear springs. It’s a worthwhile modification for those aiming to improve their car’s performance and comfort. It is aslo great for handling since once again it will create a more balanced handling performance.

When do you need to Replace a Sway Bar?

You should consider replacing a sway bar when you notice signs of wear, such as excessive play or damage to the bar itself. Additionally, if your vehicle experiences handling issues, like increased body roll or instability during turns, it may be time to replace the sway bar and its associated components. Clunking noises can also be a good sign.

Do Performance Sway Bars Affect Tire Wear?

Performance sway bars can indirectly affect tire wear by improving a vehicle’s handling and stability. When properly tuned, sway bars can help distribute weight more evenly across the tires, reducing uneven tire wear caused by excessive body roll during cornering. However, the direct impact on tire wear may vary depending on driving habits, and other factors.

Is a Thicker Sway Bar Better? 

A thicker sway bar can provide greater stiffness and reduce body roll in a vehicle, improving its handling and stability during cornering. However, whether a thicker sway bar is “better” depends a lot on driving preferences, and intended use. Thicker sway bars may make a car handle better but can also lead to an unpleasant daily driver, so the choice should be based on individual needs and preferences.

Sometimes going for something in the middle range might be best.

Will You Need to Buy End Links with a Sway Bar upgrade?

In many cases, it’s advisable to purchase upgraded end links when installing a sway bar upgrade. Upgraded end links can better complement the increased stiffness of the sway bar, ensuring optimal performance and durability. Furthermore, you doing a sway bar upgrade, might as well spend the extra few bucks and buy end links with the upgrade.


In conclusion, choosing the right sway bar can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance and handling. Whether you’re seeking improved cornering, stability, or control, the right sway bar can make a noticeable difference. Consider factors like compatibility, adjustability, your driving style, and the stiffness of the sway bar when making your selection.

Each of the highlighted sway bar brands, from H&R Springs to Megan Racing, offers unique advantages and caters to different needs and budgets.

Remember that a well-matched sway bar can elevate your driving experience, and if you choose wisely, it’s an investment that pays off in improved handling, stability, and control. So, explore your options, make an informed decision, and enjoy the benefits of a well-tuned suspension system.